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Installation and commissioning

Our company performs installation and commissioning of equipment and any gensets of own and third-party production. We are ready to start work at any stage. Even in case of loss of the project documentation on the mounted genset. Eventually you'll receive operating equipment in required modes with set parameters. We settle the problems of switching gensets with diesel generators and other additional injections of the electric power. Adjustment of modes of alternating electrical equipment operation ranking of importance is possible in case of lack of electric capacity. All installation and commissioning and drawing up the technical report realizes in our electric laboratory. We offer a full complex of installation and commissioning. The cost of installation and commissioning is determined by special normative documents taking into account recalculation coefficient in the current price level.


Installation and commissioning includes:

   - Check of compliance of parameters of genset with standards;

   - Check of compliance of genset with the project;

   - Adjustment of electric equipment and its work modes;

   - Complex test of electric equipment.


Installation and commissioning is considered executed after obtaining stable  parameters of electrical equipment (not less than 24 hours of stable operation on-load). Result of installation and commissioning is operating genset and the report on electric equipment adjustment with indication of characteristics of its operation.


You can be consulted concerning commissioning having filled a form above the web page, or having contacted to our consultants by phone.



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