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Manufacturing of Control Systems

      Ramtex Ltd. operates at the Belarusian market more than ten years. Specialists of our company organically combine creative, analytical, productive and service activity. We have a wide experience both developments and design of systems of automation, monitoring, management and implementation and maintenance of the performed projects.

      Own production facilities and close internal cooperation of the departments allow to analyze and to provide needs of the customer for the equipment for any systems of automation.

      Ramtex ltd. performs complex maintenance of the executed projects and if necessary provides their completion and complete outfitting under the changed needs of the customer.

      Our specialists are ready to leave to you on the object, to survey a current status of production cycle, to analyze its operation and to offer the optimal scheme of automation of a control and management system for production processes. Our specialists are to help you to make the technical project and to prepare a complete set of documentation on development.

Besides, we are ready to develop individual systems and an automation  and control devices for single tasks, according to the instructions of the customer.

      Our systems of automation and monitoring allow to achieve the following advantages:

- Minimization of costs of support manning – capital saving and increasing of efficiency of energy object.

- Efficiency of elucidation of the reasons of emergency cessations without leaving crew to the object;

- Possibility of the timely notification of service personnel of genset about appearance of essential defects (a detonation in cylinders, etc.) for abstention from launching of station and prevention of more essential breakdowns;

- Efficiency in determination of the failed parts of genset (defective sensors of temperature, pressure, etc.) in case of leaving service crew to an object for carrying out servicing and other procedural works;

- Possibility of control of quality of performed works of support manning by supervision over a tendency of change of parameters of operation of an object before and after performance of works;

- The operational assistance to genset service personnel in case of various difficulties arising in case of operation.

Due to the monitoring system of technological parameters You have possibility:

- to observe instant values of technological parameters;

- to observe instant values of system of utilization of heat;

- to request and receive information about the current accidents and preventions; - to look through archival information in diagrams of parameters;

- to look through statistical information (the developed energy, number of start-ups, daily capacity, etc.);




     Due to the system of remote monitoring of gensets you have possibility:

- to receive SMS messages on an equipment cessation;

- to check equipment parameters on schedules;

- to receive information about current characteristics of object operation;

- to receive statistical data;

- to receive daily information about starts and cessations of the equipment;

- of automatic addition the received values for the analysis of parameters changes;

- of recording statistics of the reasons of breakdowns;

- of listings of consolidated reports of gensets operation;

- to add new objects in the system;

- of recording reference information about the object;

- of remote control of genset (change of an installed capacity, power factor, start and cessation control)


You can be consulted concerning management system production having filled a form above the web page, or having contacted to our consultants by phone.

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