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Gas and diesel gensets from the official dealer

Do you want to resolve a problem with power supply using your own power supply? FG Wilson generators are a simple and convenient method to organize power supply of any necessary capacity and in any conditions. Experience is better than words: 46 years, in 213 countries of the world British gas and diesel power plants in practice confirm its reliability.

Gas-piston generators

Diesel generators

The profitable combination of the price and quality

The prices of FG Wilson gensets of are one of the most competitive in the market. It allows to offer you the equipment of the European quality. Each FG Wilson generator is characterized by high operational rates and the nuances of servicing verified to trifles. Thus, the electric generator price - one more benefit of these products.

Area of possibilities

The richness of a model range makes possible the organization of power complexes of any necessary capacity. Two ranges of electric generators - the gas and diesel genensets of FG Wilson and MWM companies in combination with other equipment of our company (the UPS, dynamic UPSes, etc.) cover all possible needs of our clients. You can purchase diesel genset of unit capacity from 7,5 to 2500 kVA and gas-piston generators of unit capacity from 240 to 4400 kVA. Our experience allows to create the effective and reliable power centers successfully of any capacity necessary for You!

Advantages in use

Having purchased the diesel FG Wilson generator or gas-piston power plant from us, you would estimate three things in use: simplicity of coming into operation, profitability of servicing and durability. Operating life of electric generators is measured in decades and depends on service conditions, timeliness of servicing and professionalism of the service personnel. All this time diesel gensets of FG Wilson keep high consumer properties and the technical and operational characteristics which have been set by the producer.

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